SCA Studio Costa Architecture

Dubai / UAE

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SCA  Studio Costa Architecture
SCA Studio Costa Architecture
  • Address Al Tayer Bldg Sheikh Zayed Collector Rd , 73861 Dubai | UAE
  • Tel +971 43883364

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Studio Costa Architecture’s mission is to provide to its clients excellent value for their capital investment. This is accomplished by means of concretely addressing the issues of environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability through the provision of a complete range of comprehensive services that address the three fundamental areas of Research, Design, and Administration of Construction Contracts. These services are furnished in a high performance work environment through a strong Project Management System that focuses on Quality Assurance and Quality Control. We at Studio Costa Architecture aim to produce high quality architectural design in concept, in detail and in execution, on time, and to program and deliver to our clients excellent value for their investment capital. Our distinctive philosophy is based on the same principles of care, value and elegance established over four decades ago, when the professional practice was founded. Our design approach is intentionally holistic, combining the strengths of each design discipline into one, integrated team. We believe that architecture and engineering must be viewed together as complementary and integral components of each project’s comprehensive design solution. Our appreciation of a client’s social, political and economic concerns and of architectural and aesthetic qualities makes Studio Costa Architecture the ideal partner to assist our clients in the creation of prestigious architectural solutions. Dedicated to research, we continually investigate new methods of construction, new materials and innovative thinking. We are environmentally responsible and responsive as demonstrated by over four decades of implementation of systems and strategies guided by suitability, durability and common sense. With each client Studio Costa Architecture examines the triple bottom line, thus carefully considering the impact on the client, the community, and the environment, aiming to minimize the effect on the ecosystem. Sustainable design promotes and supports environmental, economic and social well-being in the following ways: environmentally, by reducing construction impact on the environment and focusing on materials recycling socially, by minimizing the strain on local infrastructure, enhancing occupant comfort and building community support; economically, by improving operational efficiency and financial performance. At Studio Costa Architecture, we understand the need to be adaptable and willing to change in response to our own growth and to the changing needs of time and of the industry. Our architectural and engineering design expertise draws upon multiple disciplines to create design solutions that are remarkable in their range and appearance. Furthermore, we believe that Studio Costa Architecture is a “people practice”. We believe our employee’s and consultant’s different aptitudes, expertise, vigor, enthusiastic personalities, intellectual and business insight, enquiring minds and creative talent maintain Studio Costa Architecture’s innovative edge. As an employer, Studio Costa Architecture is committed to nurturing its people, through optimizing the working environment, ensuring their job is stimulating and helping them to develop their career. We encourage people to assume responsibility and work in different areas to broaden their experience and aspire to accommodate personal circumstances where and whenever possibl