Marco Veglia

Architect Senigallia / Italy

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Marco Veglia
Marco Veglia

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Marco Veglia was born on 3rd July 1976 in Turin, he graduated from high school of Arts in Gubbio and in 2004 he graduated from Roma Tre University with a degree in Architecture by discussing a thesis about a forty three-feet sailing boat usable for people with physical disabilities too. In his life there have been two main experiences, united to his father's deep passion for the sea and DIY, that have influenced his future job as architect. The first one was from 1997 to 2005, he worked at the Tauarch Studio in Rome with the architects Piergiorgio Stefani, Maria Salvaggio and Fiora Lulli; during this period he learnt how to pass from a good idea to its realization. He lernt to work in civil and naval architecture. The second one was in 1996, when he met Vittorio Malingri, who was the first italian man to take part in Vendee Globe in 1992. In 2004 he crossed with him the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal to the Azores. Thanks to Vittorio, naval project and shipbuilding became Marco's everyday life. In 1999 they designed and produced the little oceanic cruise MiniMo 7.68. His nautical passion becomes a job that goes him to different experiences in many places of Italy, between project and boatyard. He always brings himself up to date about shipbuilding. In 2005 he and his friend Roberto Prever, engineer of Naos Ship & Boat Design in Trieste, designed the VG 62', the first italian sixty six-feet engine-driven catamaran. Since 2004 he has set up a lot of nautical and architectural designs, as the sailboat catamaran Mattia 52 and Mattia 60, the interior design of the Darwin Class Series and other architectural private designs.