Did you say “backsplash”?

by Valentina Ieva

From special paintings to terrazzo coatings, from marble to mosaic, from metals to hardened glass.

Ideas and inspirations from the most beautiful houses to carefully choose the backsplash behind fires and washbasins and protect the kitchen walls.


Interior AK by INT2architecture


Moscova House by Studio GUM


Mackintosh Studios by Matheson Whiteley


The English word makes it sound ‘cool’, but the backsplash, known askitchen backsplash‘, is the coating protecting the wall behind the operating area, i.e. the part of your kitchen including fires and washbasin.


Backsplash can be just a high stand or widen to cover the whole wall: materials - ceramics, wood, stainless steel, Formica, cement and Silestone surfaces– dimensions and aesthetic tastes are countless.


This element is an integral part of your kitchen and can play a crucial role for the final result and style chosen for its design.  Be inspired by the selection for your new backsplash.

185 Plymouth Street by Alloy


Redfern Terrace by SJB

Williamstown House by Fiona Lynch

The Pool House by Luigi Rosselli Architects

Porta Venezia Inn 

Apartment In Born by CaSA - Colombo and Serboli Architecture

Orlove House by MSWW Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnetrzach

The Panamby Apartment by Diego Revollo Arquitetura

Maison Ste Foy lès Lyon by Claude Cartier Studio


    • Valentina Ieva


      Bari / Italy

      Laureata in Ingegneria edile-architettura, giornalista per professione, web writer per diletto. Amante di architettura, design, fotografia e libri di carta. Dipendente dai social, Instagram e InstaStories su tutti. Affamata di vita, viaggi e storie da scoprire. Qualunque forma d'arte mi affascina da sempre e non posso pensare una vita senza: emozioni forti, immaginazione, buona musica, cucina pugliese, sole e gatti. Per dirla con le parole di Battiato, non potrei vivere senza: ‘un soffio al cuore di natura elettrica’!)

    Interior AK 127

    Interior AK

    St Petersburg / Russian Federation / 2015

    Moscova House 198

    Moscova House

    Milan / Italy / 2014

    Mackintosh Studios 33

    Mackintosh Studios

    London / United Kingdom / 2015

    185 Plymouth Street 56

    185 Plymouth Street

    New York / United States / 2014

    Redfern Terrace 28

    Redfern Terrace

    Sydney / Australia / 2016

    Williamstown House 126

    Williamstown House

    Melbourne / Australia / 2016

    The Pool House 35

    The Pool House

    Randwick / United Kingdom / 2013

    Porta Venezia Inn 25

    Porta Venezia Inn

    Milan / Italy / 2016

    Apartment In Born 132

    Apartment In Born

    Barcelona / Spain / 2018

    Orlove House 36

    Orlove House

    Gdynia / Poland / 2017

    The Panamby Apartment 61

    The Panamby Apartment

    State of São Paulo / Brazil / 2013

    Maison Ste Foy lès Lyon 33

    Maison Ste Foy lès Lyon

    Lyon / France



    Lisbon / Portugal / 2015