The ‘shape of water’: 13 beautiful bathrooms for all the design inspiration you need

A brief overview of bathrooms to suit all tastes, sharing an excellent composition and design

by Valentina Ieva
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The times when the bathroom was just considered as a service room inside our homes are a distant memory. It has now become one of the favourite spaces to relax and spend some time for ourselves, and it is more and more subject to a careful design by architects and interior designers.


From a total-white look to an industrial-chic style, from a vintage style to a two-colour look, from a minimal to a Bohemian style, inspirations are countless.

In the album Bathrooms on Archilovers you can find several ideas. However, in the meantime we propose you a selection of different styles, one better than the other!


Which is your favourite style?


1. Vintage style


A+Z Loft House by  A+Z Design Studio


 2. Luxury classic style


Costaguti Experience by Studio AA


 3. Minimal style

Hotel Mono by Spacedge Designs


 4. Pastel colours: pink

 Parisian Apartment by Crosby Studios


 5. Industrial style


Loft Hrebenky by FormaFatal


 6. French style

 Leinster Square 


 7. Black & white marble


APARTMENT P by Nomade Architettura Interior design


8. Bohemian style

 Saint-Rémy family house by David Price Design



 9. A mix among sage green, Venetian-style terrazzo flooring and brass


 Au79 Café by Mim Design


10. Total-white look

Manly by C+M Studio


11. Country style

Babylonstoren by Karen Roos


12. Bathroom with a view

n’orma by Patrizia Sbalchiero


13. Spa-like style

La Suite sans Cravate by Véronique Bogaert

  • Alexander Bogorodskiy

    nice compilations! check my "santa clara" project, you might like the bathroom in this one ;)

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A+Z Loft House 151

A+Z Loft House

Budapest / Hungary / 2015

Costaguti Experience 57

Costaguti Experience

Rome / Italy / 2017

Hotel Mono 74

Hotel Mono

Singapore / Singapore / 2016

Parisian Apartment 129

Parisian Apartment

New York / United States / 2018

Loft Hrebenky 57

Loft Hrebenky

Prague / Czech Rep. / 2016

Leinster Square 8

Leinster Square

London / United Kingdom / 2017



Milan / Italy / 2016

Saint-Rémy family house 43

Saint-Rémy family house

Saint-Rémy / France

Au79 Café 148

Au79 Café

Abbotsford / Australia / 2017

Manly 30


New South Wales / Australia / 2015

Babylonstoren 188


Cape Town / South Africa / 2011

n’orma 290


Chiaramonte Gulfi / Italy / 2015

La Suite sans Cravate 214

La Suite sans Cravate

Bruges / Belgium / 2013