These places will inspire your next winter escape

Ready for some rest and relaxation?

by Rossana Vinci
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It's time to daydream in the face of this winter torment!


As the temperature begins to drop, and the winter season is upon us, we look to this beautiful architectures for a season of snow and ice.

No matter where you spend the chilly months, there's no better way to weather out the season than in one of these architectural gems!

To help you cope with the freezing air, or maybe to inspire a winter getaway in the near future, here are our selection of winter dream places you wish you could escape to. 



1. Seehof - Natz-Schabs, Italy


Celebrating the nature.

The spa area with pool and sauna area connect structurally with the surrounding landscape and impressively opens up with its irregular potholes and pergolas through large panorama windows towards the lake. Directed views from the interior into the surrounding grounds, as well as inside open areas, socalled patios, concisely convey the feeling of being in a large park. 


2. Amangiri Resort - Utah, United States


A contemporary interpretation of native Indian architecture. 

Based on a deep understanding of the Desert Southwest, the brief was to create a place of authentic experience, not one based on simplistic cultural appropriations, but rather on what was most true to this particular site and place - namely the landscape and the light that envelops it.

The 34-room resort is situated against a low entrada sandstone rock formation, rather like an ancient settlement. From every room guests can appreciate the rawness and pure natural beauty of the surrounding mesas and the region’s mesmerizing light play throughout the day. 


3. Miramonti Boutique Hotel - Hafling, Italy


On top of the Dolomites.

An extraordinary place with magnificent views, where people come together in search of reliability and tranquility.

Luxury and modesty. Tradition and modernity. Beauty and freedom. Located in the world famous Dolomites this is a place which posesses certain atmosphere, character and charm. 


4. Oberholz Mountain Hut - Obereggen, Italy 


In symbiosis with the landscape.

The cantilevering structure grows out of the hill like a fallen tree with three main branches creating a symbiosis with the landscape. Each of them is facing towards the three most important surrounding mountains. At the end of the branches a large glass facade frames the surrounding mountains from the interior of the hut. The sloped roof shape of the glasses takes his inspiration from typical huts in the area, while the branching roof and complex structural interior expresses a new and contemporary interpretation of the classic mountain hut.


5. Piz Boè - Alpine Lounge - Corvara, Italy 


Feel on top of the world!

Do you want to feel on top of the world? The Piz Boè Alpine Lounge is a mountain hut in the Dolomites located alongside the upper station of the Boè cable car that departs from the centre of Corvara, in Alta Badia. 


6. ALILA Yangshuo - Guilin, China


Surrounded by picturesque natural landscape.

An old sugar mill built in 1960s is beautifully preserved, with an industrial truss used for sugar cane transport. 

Flanked with newly-added suite building and villa, the old sugar mill and industrial truss occupy the central part of the hotel complex. The sunken plaza and reflecting pond further accentuate the spiritual symbolism and significance of the old structure. 


7. UFOgel - Lienz, Austria


A comfortably appointed house made almost entirely of larch wood.

It’s certainly not a standard, off-the-peg house but more of a sculpture to live in, which reveals itself to be a “spatial wonder” the minute you walk through the door. 45 m2 of multi- functional living space, comfortably appointed with a kitchen unit, WC and designer shower. Large panorama windows bring nature indoors to you, while the curved timber structure covered with traditional shingles creates a feeling of warmth and security. Whether you sit, lie, shower or share a meal, two things are always present in an Ufogel: wood and the heavens.


8. The 7th Room - Harads, Sweden 


The treehotel.

As you near the seventh room from below and look up at the sky, the entire underside of the building is covered by a life size photograph of the treetops as they looked before the room was put in place. This clever camouflage piques one’s curiosity. What is hiding up there? The room is located ten metres up in the pines. The way up is an experience in itself. Stairs and landings take visitors closer to the clouds, step by step. 


9. ALPINA DOLOMITES - Compatsch, Italy


Gardena Health Lodge & Spa.

The Alpina Dolomites Lodge is located on the Alpe di Siusi, Europe’s most beautiful and largest high-altitude plateau which is exactly why it meets very severe quality requirements: respect for ecology and harmonious integration into the surrounding environment, top-level skills in the wellness, health, fitness and beauty sectors, plus a wide range of activities for sports buffs and everyone who loves to relax, year round.

Since the air on the plateau is so pure and pristine, you’ll feel the healthy benefits right away. 


10. Thermalbad Zürich - Zurich, Switzerland


A stunning rooftop-pool.

The structurally dictated yet vibrant spectrum of the internal orientated space, deep within the mountain and the opening to the exterior and outside-world to the rooftop-pool was one of the key themes to the development of the interior architectural dramatury of this bath-complex. These atmospheric contrasts have been concentrated into the spatial concept and related to the existing, listed substance of the structure.





Cover photo: Miramonti Boutique Hotel - Hafling, Italy


    Seehof 180


    Natz-Schabs / Italy / 2017

    Amangiri Resort 482

    Amangiri Resort

    Utah / United States / 2009

    Miramonti Boutique Hotel 307

    Miramonti Boutique Hotel

    Hafling / Italy / 2016

    Oberholz Mountain Hut 163

    Oberholz Mountain Hut

    Obereggen / Italy / 2017

    Piz Boè - Alpine Lounge 95

    Piz Boè - Alpine Lounge

    Corvara / Italy / 2014

    ALILA Yangshuo 266

    ALILA Yangshuo

    Guilin / China / 2017

    UFOgel 165


    Lienz / Austria / 2013

    The 7th Room 135

    The 7th Room

    Harads / Sweden / 2017



    Compatsch / Italy / 2010

    Thermalbad Zürich 85

    Thermalbad Zürich

    Zurich / Switzerland / 2011