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Architect Gujarat / India

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Maxx mistry
Maxx mistry
  • Address C.G Road.Ahmedabad, 380009 Gujarat | India
  • Tel +919512121450
  • Mobile +918401077022

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VOLUNTEER WORK > Architect-Interior Designer-Principal Project Manager-Disciplined Leadership- Entrepreneurial Ability-Creative & Co-Operative Spirit. > I take my great pleasure in introducing as one of the leading interior designer, Architect & Principal Project Manager for Architecture & Interior Project. I started few years ago with many Architect, Interior Designer and many Civil & Interiors Turnkey contractors for many well established Companies, Corporate Giants, Public & Private Sectors Banks, Software Institutions Government Undertakings, Retail Outlets etc...> I have build strong network of people with complementary skills from different Origins, different Upbringing and different Culture and they are part of a cross cultural for Success…> In a remarkably short spam of time, I have become a part of the company to be reckoned with, because of my dedicated work and attention to the execution, My impeccable quality and my innovative ability. I always vouch fir the quality and looks of products. It is no surprise to me and I am proud to add that I am well received in the market and a fast growing and most demanded person in this movement. > RESPONSIBILITIES & PERFORMED WITH ABOVE FIRMS > I have on My rolls experienced Engineer, Designer & Skilled Field & Artisan staff to carry out the work perfectly to the Client & Consultant's taste & satisfaction. Needless to mention that our technical team has good man, management qualities & good command over the workers to get the job done in time with proper finish.> I believe in proper channel of communication & keep in regular contact with Consultant, Client, Vendors & Contractors from time to time as required for the effective execution of the Project. Each one of project handle by full time engineers/Project manager/Store keeper along with me & Co-Ordinate by one of our Director also.> I believe that the only path of success is through team work & dedication. This progressive way of looking at the company has inspired the activities of the people who are the heart of the Company. Whether it is technical personnel of other staff, every numbers of our team workers are sincere, Loyal and dedicated. We all realized that this attitude is beneficial to the Company as well as individual of the Team. Being in company’s spirit. I am continually looking for new challenges & activities that the taste of my skills. So I personally attentive to The need.> QUALITY POLICY : Total Customer Satisfaction through quality products by doing things right first time-every time. Ensure Quality Quantity and Adherence to timely supplies for achieving customer satisfaction. Strive to achieve excellent in quality through Training, Motivation, Teamwork and continuous updating of Technology. > To provide quality products and services which shall reflect satisfied customers. To take appropriate steps to minimize wastage,increase productivity and optimize the quality of products and services in a cost effective manner. To strive for an ecofriendly environment. To consciously build a quality culture through Employee Participation, Motivation and Training.