The Bathroom: A Place to Pamper Oneself

Luxury villas, architectural master-works, minimal spaces: the bathroom by antoniolupi

by Angelica Marino
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What is the role of the bathroom in the modern home? Whether it’s a basic, functional space, or a luxury ‘living bathroom’—a sort of home spa—the bathroom is the place where we start and end the day, where we take care of ourselves. The home is a private refuge and within a home, and thus, the bathroom may be intended as “a refuge within a refuge”: a space where one can restore energy and unwind.


The concept of the bathroom is a focal point of antoniolupi’s research, which transforms the bathroom into a place of well-being. The scope is that of dilating the bathroom, allowing it to become the true ‘heart of the home’. Bespoke production and the use of new materials allows each antioniolupi collection to be conformed to diverse needs and infinite adaptations.


Super luxurious villas, interior master-works, historical dwellings, minimal spaces: antoniolupi collections can be adapted to any context—private or contract—transforming the bathroom into a true space of well-being.



Wood and cement are the fil rouge of the work  by Nuca Studio for G House, where a metropolitan feel is combined with an essential, minimal look. The allusion to the art of Basquiat creates colorful corners in the living area and bathroom, where pieces from the antoniolupi collection are integrated. The final effect: a sober and linear bathroom.



The MT House  by architect Rocco Borromini is located among the Valtellina mountains, close to a small stream, with a spectacular view of the Bergamo Alps. The scenery is enchanting: olive trees and stone frame the entire space, including the bathroom. The wooden wall enriches and warms the space. The SEGNO washbasin is a perfect accompaniment, as it leaves the space visually unscathed thanks to its purity and softness.



An Oscar-worthy home. CASSIA ANTICA is one of the locations utilized in the film “La Grande Bellezza”. The 60s villa is the restoration project of architect Jacopo Mascheroni. Basic lines, white tones, and natural wood offer a warm chromatic elements. The bathroom hosts the KOMODO collection, which recalls the same lines and basic shapes which characterize the antoniolupi style.



An elegant and sophisticated location. The sixteenth century Palazzo Papadopoli in Venice hosts the new Aman Canal Grande. Denniston International Architects counter the structure’s rich decorations, historic frescoes, and carvings  with minimalist designs and true mastery. The elegant and soft lines of the WANDA | Bathtub bathroom are in total harmony with the interiors.



The trend of blending bedrooms and bathrooms is increasingly en vogue. For their Apartment in Moscow, SL Project outlines a comfortable sleeping area by merging the bedroom with a master bathroom, separating them by a single pane of glass which subtly defines the two areas. The BAÌA | Bathtub is placed in direct contrast to a decorative mosaic which highlights its simplicity. 



MODERN PALACE by the studio Mood Works. A fusion of styles: classic, traditional, with a touch of contemporary for an elegant home in the residential area of Wilanow in Warsaw. Two iconic products were used for the spacious and bright bathroom: TALAMO stands mighty and statuesque next to the BAÌA | Bathtub. A space to live, to work, to relax...



A traditional chalet situated in Rougemont in Switzerland, the interior of which is spacious and luminous, combines local materials and contemporary design pieces. The DUNE | Bathtub, placed in the center of the room, plays a major role in the Residences de Rougemont suite by the studio Plusdesign, creating a perfect combination of comfort and well-being.



Loft Schiavone: a former manufacturing company transformed into a residential complex at the beginning of the new century. Victor Vasilev’s challenge was that of preserving the industrial soul of the space while still creating a comfortable home for a traditional family. IL CANTO DEL FUOCO® warms the space which also houses the kitchen, uniting both the industrial and comfortable feel.



Essential volumes and severe lines make up House P+G in Weinheim, Germany by the studio Architekten Wannenmacher + Möller GmbH. In the bathroom, the smooth lines of the BAÌA | Bathtub, designed by Carlo Colombo, adapt to a space that is pure and minimal both in its lines and colors.



Audacious interior design with a nod to Thai culture and Buddhist traditions. ‘Iniala Beach House - Villa Siam' by Eggarat Wongcharit is a resort located in the province of Phang Nga, Thailand. In one of the bathroom spaces, the TUBA3 washbasins and the OiO tub create a sharp contrast with the walls decorated with the traditional designs of local cultures.



For antoniolupi, caring for one’s own body—pampering one’s being—means caring for one’s own spirit: “doing so in a beautiful space which is both elegant and welcoming, perhaps with a burning fireplace, means truly nourishing oneself”.


On the cover: SAZ by 2B.GROUP






    MT House 298

    MT House

    Italy / 2013



    Rome / Italy / 2009

    Aman Canal Grande 45

    Aman Canal Grande

    Venice / Italy / 2013

    Apartment in Moscow 28

    Apartment in Moscow

    Moscow / Russian Federation / 2013



    Warsaw / Poland / 2014

    Residences de Rougemont 57

    Residences de Rougemont

    Rougemont / Switzerland / 2014

    Loft Schiavone 71

    Loft Schiavone

    Milan / Italy / 2011

    House P+G 68

    House P+G

    Weinheim / Germany / 2012

    Iniala Beach House - Villa Siam 30

    Iniala Beach House - Villa Siam

    Provincia di Phang Nga / Thailand / 2013

    SAZ 39


    Odessa Oblast / Ukraine / 2014