5 Colorful Interiors to Brighten Up Your Winter

Interior decor that'll actually make you want to stay-in!

by Angelica Marino
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Winter gloom is at its peak now that January is coming to a close and holiday merriment is, alas, long behind us. Staying indoors is definitely a must, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! These awesome, colorful interiors prove just the opposite. If staying in to stay warm is giving you the blues, check out these super colorful interiors that are just bursting with glee!



This reception hall in Suite Novotel by Constance Guisset is as colorful as it is welcoming. Various soft shapes fill the room and rainbow colors are contrasted by the subtle dark tones.  It’s a space which encourages relaxation, sharing, and comfort.



Being “stuck in the office” sounds like a dream if this is where you work! A marketing manager for a textile company commissioned E.B. Office which is housed inside an industrial building. Zemberek Tasarim used contrasting colors, soft lighting, and differing textures to create a truly dynamic workplace.



Black and white and color all over! This space is a blend of opposing themes: round tables with square arm chairs, black and white flooring with colored furnishings,  leather and fabric, not to mention the giant sculpture of the bottom-half of a woman! In all of its mismatched glory, Germain by India Mahdavi just screams fun!



This colorful space looks more like a modern workshop than the headquarters for a marketing and communications firm. Up&Up - The only way is Up! was designed to be the a stimulating think-hub for the 10 professionals who work inside. Its industrial feel contrasted with bright colors and open spaces makes it just that, don’t you think?



This New York City dwelling perfectly joins hippie-esque colors with the classic look inherent in a brick wall. The opposing textures in Greenwich St. augment this effect, and creates a truly unique, stylish home. How can you not be cheerful indoors with this decor?



    Suite Novotel 72

    Suite Novotel

    The Hague / Netherlands / 2014

    E.B. Office 102

    E.B. Office

    Istanbul / Turkey / 2014

    Germain 50


    Paris / France / 2010

    Up&Up - The only way is Up! 28

    Up&Up - The only way is Up!

    Bedizzole / Italy / 2012

    Greenwich St. 93

    Greenwich St.

    New York / United States / 2014