Travelling with an architect : discovering Tokyo

Our contemporary architecture tour in Japan

by Serena L. Rosato
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TRAVELLING_ This week we take a contemporary architecture tour of Tokyo 東京, the most populous metropolitan area in the world. Tokyo is often referred to and thought of as a city, but is officially known as a "metropolitan prefecture", which differs from a city. The Tokyo metropolitan government administers the 23 Special Wards of Tokyo (each governed as an individual city), which cover the area that was formerly the City of Tokyo before it merged and became the subsequent metropolitan prefecture in 1943. The total population of the prefecture exceeding 13 million.

The prefecture is part of the world's most populous metropolitan area with upwards of 35 million people and the world's largest urban agglomeration economy. In 2013, Tokyo was named the world's most expensive city, according to the cost-of-living survey and in 2009 it was named the third Most Liveable City and the World’s Most Livable Megalopolis.


Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku Harajuku by NAP Architects (2012)


Tama Art University Library by TOYO ITO & ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS (2007)


Tokyo Apartment by Sou Fujimoto Architects (2010)


Sugamo Shinkin Bank / Shimura Branch by emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design (2011)



Tokyo Baby Cafe by Nendo (2012) 


Musashino Art University Museum and Library by Sou Fujimoto Architects (2010)


Sunwell Muse by Takato Tamagami Architectural Design + Be-Fun Design (2008)


TOD’S Omotesando Building by TOYO ITO & ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS (2004)


Armani Ginza Tower by Studio Fuksas (2009)


Za-Koenji Public Theatre by TOYO ITO & ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS (2008)


The National Art Center by Kisho Kurokawa (2005)


Airspace Tokyo by Thom Faulders Architecture – Proces2 - Studio M  (2007)


Ring Around a Tree by Tezuka Architects and OHNO JAPAN (2011)


Google Japan HQ by Klein Dytham architecture (2013)


MASTERPIECE - Fuji TV Headquarters by Kenzo Tange (1997)


MASTERPIECE - Nakagin Capsule Tower by Kisho Kurokawa (1970)



    • Serena L. Rosato

      Serena L. Rosato


      Bari / Italy

      Architetto per vocazione, web writer per diletto. Progetta spazi e costruisce idee giocando con pixel e inchiostro, occhi curiosi e delicata ironia. Attenta ai dettagli e distratta dalle novità, costantemente alla ricerca della bellezza delle cose. Dichiarata dipendenza da viaggi, musei e scarpe. ____________________________________________________________ Architect by vocation , web writer for pleasure. She designs and builds spaces ideas playing with ink and pixels, curious eyes and de)

    Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku 205

    Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

    Tokyo / Japan / 2012

    Tama Art University Library 47

    Tama Art University Library

    Hachiōji / Japan / 2007

    Tokyo Apartment 26

    Tokyo Apartment

    Itabashi / Japan / 2010

    Sugamo Shinkin Bank / Shimura Branch 50

    Sugamo Shinkin Bank / Shimura Branch

    Tokyo / Japan / 2011

    Tokyo Cafe 40

    Tokyo Cafe

    Tokyo / Japan / 2010

    Musashino Art University Museum and Library 44

    Musashino Art University Museum and Library

    Tokyo / Japan / 2010

    Sunwell Muse 171

    Sunwell Muse

    Tokyo / Japan / 2008

    Armani Ginza Tower 21

    Armani Ginza Tower

    Tokyo / Japan / 2007

    Za-Koenji Public Theatre 6

    Za-Koenji Public Theatre

    Suginami / Japan / 2008

    Airspace Tokyo 30

    Airspace Tokyo

    Tokyo / Japan / 2007

    Ring Around a Tree 53

    Ring Around a Tree

    Tachikawa / Japan / 2011

    Google Japan HQ 18

    Google Japan HQ

    Minato / Japan / 2013