Architectural illustrations by André Chiote

The designer talks about his graphic compositions with a vintage face

by Valentina Ieva
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André Chiote, an architect and an illustrator living in Oporto, has created a series of minimalist prints to celebrate the people behind the design of the most famous buildings. From the Oscar Niemeyer’s MAC in Niteroi to the Renzo Piano's LACMA, André has focused on the form with the use of pastel colours and simple lines.

Bird's Nest by Herzog & De Meuron Architekten (c) André Chiote

We asked him to speak about his artistic work and his vision of architecture. André Chiote said:

“I draw since I remember... I studied Architecture at FAUP, which is Oporto's University architecture SchooI, in Portugal. My graduation  taught me a distinctive way to see world.

London 2012 Aquatics Center by Zaha Hadid Architects (c) André Chiote

As an architect I've worked through the years in several different kinds of projects. My days are busy designing new buildings. However, the rest of the time is dedicated looking around at reality, trying to represent my personal vision in different ways: painting, drawing, photography.

Mercedes-Benz Museum by UNStudio (c) André Chiote

Somehow this exercise of illustration awakened me to the ability of synthesis  removing all those secondary and disposable elements of the building. Ultimately I found out that this exercise works in both directions: from the architect to the illustrator and the other way around. Approaching architecture as an icon I've developed an illustration concept in which the aim was to illustrate buildings.

When I first began my Project on developing architectural illustrations I selected buildings which underlined a specific functional program with acknowledged impact on contemporary society.

LACMA by RPBW - Renzo Piano Building Workshop (c) André Chiote

My previous approach took me through Museums all over the world, as I found they could stand as emblematic icons with such a strong ability of recognition that I could synthesize each of them in a expressive graphic composition.

Museu de Serralves by Álvaro Siza Vieira (c) André Chiote

Mass cultures power to project symbols which can represent the collective urban memory helped me to pick up my new design subject, Sport’s buildings. Sport’s capacity to gather crowds builds true contemporary cathedrals.

Simultaneously, I have received several and interesting special commissions. My personal portfolio has been enriched with illustrations of private buildings, magazine covers, contributions to design and furniture catalogs as well as large decorative panels. It has been a very interesting journey, growing with more and more specials commissions and new challenges”.


Allianz Arena by Herzog & De Meuron Architekten (c) André Chiote

Cover images: MAC de Nitoeroi by Oscar Niemeyer (c) André Chiote

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Bird's Nest 124

Bird's Nest

Beijing / China / 2008

London 2012 Aquatics Center 130

London 2012 Aquatics Center

London / United Kingdom / 2011

Mercedes-Benz Museum 31

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Stuttgart / Germany / 2006

Allianz Arena 37

Allianz Arena

Munich / Germany / 2005