Stairway to heaven

Colourful, made of iron, minimal, sculptural and spectacular. The most beautiful staircases you have ever seen

by Valentina Ieva
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Both in case of renovation and of a new construction, stairs play a key role in interior design: they increase heights, make light fall down and spread from above, separate several rooms, add lofts and make maximum use of space with multifunctional solutions.


They can be light and graphic like the mark of the ink on the wall or solid like furniture, almost invisible or colourful, a functional and decorative element welcoming architects’ creative exercises.


We have chosen 10 stairs, but you can find much more in the album Inner Stairs on Archilovers.


Minimal stairs

Hotel Mono by Spacedge Designs


Sculptural stairs


Farmanieh Commercial - Office Building by Alidoost and Partners


Metal stairs


Viviana by Delta Studio


Cement stairs

 Casa Patio Valencia by Alberto Facundo


Wooden stairs

 A.G. House by Rocco Borromini

Into the woods by Gosplan


Colourful stairs

Ideas Lab by Xiang Li


Jungle-style stairs


Barrows by Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design


Winding stairs


Molecure Pharmacy by Waterfrom Design co. Ltd


Total-black stairs


Javornice Distillery by ADR


Spectacular stairs


Novelty Apparel by Anagrama

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      Valentina Ieva


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    Hotel Mono 74

    Hotel Mono

    Singapore / Singapore / 2016

    Farmanieh Commercial - Office Building 4

    Farmanieh Commercial - Office Building

    Tehran / Iran / 2017

    Viviana 42


    Caprarola / Italy / 2018

    Casa Patio Valencia 64

    Casa Patio Valencia

    Loriguilla / Spain / 2018

    A.G. House 127

    A.G. House

    Italy / 2017

    Into the woods 72

    Into the woods

    Genoa / Italy / 2018

    Powerlong Ideas Lab 145

    Powerlong Ideas Lab

    Shanghai / China / 2018

    Barrows 19


    New York / United States / 2016

    Molecure Pharmacy 87

    Molecure Pharmacy

    Taichung / Taiwan / 2017

    Javornice Distillery 17

    Javornice Distillery

    Javornice / Czech Rep. / 2015

    Novelty Apparel 41

    Novelty Apparel

    Monterrey / Mexico / 2017