Zaha Hadid. Beyond Boundaries, Art and Design

New exhibition at Ivoryspace, Madrid 04/09/2012 - 03/11/2012

by Malcolm Clark
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Ivory Press the visual arts and creativity publisher cum exhibition space, founded and directed by Lady Helena Ochoa (Foster), wife of Lord Norman Foster, will be showcasing the work of Zaha Hadid in an exhibition opening on September 4th in its Ivoryspace area in Madrid. The show will set out a wide view of her artistic work including her drawings, paintings, reliefs and installations, as well as her furniture and product design, all reflecting her own personal and rather unorthodox view of the world.

The exhibition’s curator, Kenny Schachter describes her world-view as one in which ‘art, design, and architecture collapse into one another to reflect an all encompassing way of life characterised by pushing and pulling the boundaries of aesthetics in every conceivable manner and form. What is so inspiring and intriguing about the astounding output of Zaha Hadid, is the imaginative, inventive and unquenchable expression of curiosity and creativity. Hadid defies pigeonholing in a world increasingly defined by uniformity’.

While The MAXXI: National Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome, Italy and the London 2012 Aquatics Center are excellent demonstrations of Hadid’s quest for complex, fluid space, previous buildings like the Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion have also been hailed as architecture that transforms our ideas of the future with new spatial concepts and bold, visionary forms.

Photo courtesy of Sawaya & Moroni 

From her London-based studio, Zaha Hadid Architects adopts the same creative approach with regard to objects such as furniture, like the Z-chair, a zig-zag stainless steel chair created for Sawaya & Moroni and the Liquid Glacial table designed with Patrik Schumacher and made of polished plexiglas which its characteristic legs which seem to pour from horizontal table-top. These two pieces, along with a wide selection of paintings and other works, including her own personal view of Trafalgar square will comprise the exhibition which suggests ‘a very democratic conception, non-hierarchical in structure’ as Schachter explains.


    MAXXI 135


    Rome / Italy / 2010

    London 2012 Aquatics Center 130

    London 2012 Aquatics Center

    London / United Kingdom / 2011

    Padiglione Ponte per Expo Saragozza 22

    Padiglione Ponte per Expo Saragozza

    Zaragoza / Spain / 2008