ODO Architects Firm

Architect Tel Aviv-Yafo / Israel

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ODO Architects Firm
ODO Architects Firm
  • Address Hirschenberg Street 10 Tel Aviv-Yafo | Israel
  • Tel 035230955

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Odo architecture firm engages in a wide variety of projects with a unique expression that can be associated with perception of space, location, uses, cultural and historic context and advanced technology in order to create an individual language and feel for each project in its environment. Urban renewal is the firm’s leading topic, which is practiced in preservation, restoration, the extending of historic buildings and the planning of new buildings. More so, the firm plans residential buildings, private houses, commercial and public buildings and creates design languages for restaurants. Odo Architects was founded by Arc. Orna Shatil and Arc. Doron Minin, who united in order to create the firm. They both have their own extensive professional experience and cultural background and the connection between them translates to a broad planning perspective. The extensive experience in planning and guiding preservation building projects secured the firm in a position as leading experts in this field. The firm’s work has been awarded many prizes and has received widespread professional media coverage. Arc. Orna Shatil graduated from the Technion institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. She has had a private practice since 1990. Arc. Doron Minin graduated from the University of Catalunya Politecnica, Barcelona, Spain. Doron practiced in different offices in Spain and Israel, on his return to Israel in 2005 he started working independently and for the preservation department of Tel Aviv municipality. Between 2005 and 2012, he was a professor at the architectural department of Wizo in Haifa. Odo Architects employs four architects that have graduated from the country’s leading universities.