Zhanna NM

Interior designer Los Angeles / Thailand

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Zhanna NM
Zhanna  NM
Zhanna NM
  • Address Village Green, 90016 Los Angeles | Thailand

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As an Interior Designer of over 20 years in US and international arena, Zhanna N. Manko is a certified design professional for exceptional projects in support of clients’ mission to improve built environment. Zhanna is creative and flexible in her solutions and finds design particularly challenging and satisfying. In her approach, she integrates psychology, art and architecture to achieve timeless solutions. Her extensive knowledge of the interior design industry with her enthusiasm and admiration for classic modern style informs her clients with a design sensitivity and clarity that achieves an integrative outcome. She is an expert in leading you with comprehensive design services including space planning, color consultation, selection of furnishing, custom window treatments, or lighting design. Zhanna specializes in developing areas including kitchen, bath design, lighting, art consultation and presentation, interior architecture and construction coordination and observation.