The Kitchen Becomes Open! 11 projects about the theme of ‘open source kitchen’

The result of the innovative workshop at Valcucine showroom in Milan

by Valentina Ieva
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The Valcucine showroom in the Milan Brera district has been transformed into an incubator of ideas during the Milan Design Week (April 8-13). 11 maker and designer from all over the world have developed concepts for expanding the MECCANICA system of demode engineered by Valucine in the form of accessories, add-on components, through digital fabrication and model making.

The 6-day event, Kitchen Becomes Open project, created by the Italian company in collaboration with dotdotdot studio, has shown a series of prototypes as the result of the open call for ideas around the theme of ‘open source kitchen’.

The purpose of the workshop is to design new aesthetics or functional solutions which can be explored through traditional handicraft applications or technology, in particular for meccanica.

Participants have worked with a team of experts to develop ideas and ultimately make them freely available for distribution and modification. They have collaborated with Valcucine's technical department in partnership with Arduino alongside professionals from Milan-based design studio dotdotdot.

The team of experts including: Giulio Iacchetti, Stefano Maffei, Dario Buzzini, Massimo Menichinelli, Enrico Bassi, Zoe Romano, Francesco Zurlo and the Arduino team.


Among the participants: Juan Soriano Blanco (Take away), Cécile Laporte and Nathalie Bruyére (Hang-made), Alex Kashin (Keyhole), Andrea De Chirico and Marco Napoli (30°), Laurence Humier, Emanuele Magini and Michele Novello (The journey of water), Daniele Caltabiano and Liviana Osti (Scaindle e Lucciola), Francesco Rodighiero (For you. For all.).


Photo credits: Claudia Lorusso, Stefania Donno



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