The Hotel Wiesses Kreuz in Burgeis

The challenge won by Marx/Ladurner Architekten in the Vinschgau

by Malcolm Clark
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Known as “the hotel” of the Benedictine monastery of Monte Maria, Hotel Weisses Kreuz und Ansitz Löwenwirt, is designed to be a sort of “village within a village” in the centre of Burgeis, in the Vinschgau, dominated by a concentration of agricultural buildings separated by narrow alleys.

The challenge faced by the architectural office Architekten Marx/Ladurner was to recover the ancient estate 'zum Löwen', which was purchased by the family of hoteliers Theiner in 1870, to replace the hotel in its existing context.

The old hotel was expanded in the vicinity of the Hungergasse alley, with the aim of obtaining a spa area in the basement and the new suites in the upper levels. The building is completed with a pitched roof and gable facing the valley, in harmony with the surrounding buildings.

The main square which overlooks the hotel was, however, enhanced with the inclusion of bars, shops and a new entrance to the structure.

The wood has been used both as main material and as a design element, in the outer cladding as well as in the interior finishes, in order to highlight the layout of new construction.

    Hotel Weisses Kreuz und Ansitz Löwenwirt 52

    Hotel Weisses Kreuz und Ansitz Löwenwirt

    Burgusio / Italy / 2013