"Open" the new space in Milan: More than just books

The original bookshop that combines the printed and the digital experience

by Malcolm Clark
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The bookshop Open Milano was inaugurated on 20th November in Milan's Porta Romana district. It is a bookshop designed by Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa from UdA architects, a 1,000 square metre space designed for those who like to browse and read books while relaxing.

The careful selection of books creates a series of new routes, making different genres dialogue with the space.
The new digital readers can freely use the available tablets and e-readers, with informative content and entertainment, ranging from newspapers to the most innovative Apps. To guide readers through the jungle of digital content, assistance is guaranteed by the new figure of the “digital bookseller”.

To immerse yourself in reading you can choose from sofas, armchairs or the communal table, the object-symbol of the collaborative and social philosophy of this project. A 20 meters long table for work and entertainment, where your thoughts become concrete, like in the comfort of your own home. An area of co-working to design lifestyles and share ideas; three meeting rooms for small projects and large presentations, a gourmet bar. Everything in one place, with a logic of contamination for those who believe in the value of collaborative intelligence.

The publishing industry is in crisis” says George Fipaldini, founder and CEO of Open. “People are buying fewer books, newspapers and magazines, but the same people read more than before: they read in new ways and places. Imagining a broader, digital and collaborative new library concept is the answer to this crisis”.

    Open Milano 35

    Open Milano

    Milan / Italy / 2013