Doepel Strijkers design the Stills flagship store in Amsterdam

A dense wooden grid based on human movement and their perception of clothing

by Malcolm Clark
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Dutch women's fashion clothing company Stills recently opened its Flagshipstore in Amsterdam designed by the Doepel Strijkers Architects team. The spatial intervention in this 'shell' provides a visual connection of the floors, but does not emphasise them, keeping them visible to show the new layers added in the course of time.

Natural materials, craftsmanship, refined fabrics and unique patterns are reflected in a spatial articulation which fills the space as a volume. Careful analysis of the movement of humans in space and the perception of clothing establishes the base for the deformation of the thick spatial grid consisting of an elaborate white wooden mesh displaying clothes and accessories.

Some clothes hang from the grid, while others are folded and seem to be positioned randomly on the glass shelves. Clothed mannequins seem to climb the wooden structure and the changing rooms are hidden behind two mirror doors.

    STILLS Flagshipstore 21

    STILLS Flagshipstore

    Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2011