Zaha Hadid - World Architecture exhibition in Copenhagen

At Danish Architecture Centre until 29 September 2013

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EXHIBITION – If you are in Copenhagen and you are an architecture addict you shouldn’t miss the new exhibition at the DAC – Danish Architecture Centre “Zaha Hadid - World Architecture” dedicated to the Anglo-Iraqi architect.

In collaboration with the Danish Architecture Centre,Zaha Hadid Architects have created an exhibition to explore her career through the research on towers, shell constructions and design objects.

The exhibition outlines the development of an architectural language and shows how it has been used and refined in everything from buildings and urban plans to furniture and design objects in which organic shapes and advanced geometry are merged in a unique language.

Credit (above&top): Archilovers editorial staff

When I started I had a feeling that a technological revolution was coming. Eventually the incredible advances in computer technology changed everything. It's not only shamelessness that connects the building with the ground, but also the fact there is no contradiction between the idea and its technological embodiment fabrication” explained the architect.

In the main room of the center there are models of realised and unrealised high-rise buildings. “City of Towers” intends to show the extensive research performed in the last thirty years in the studio, highlighting the evolution and technological and formal influences by the use of new parametric instruments.

Similar to the exhibition at Venice Biennale 2012, the section “Shell Structure” represents the ambition to unite surroundings and architecture by means of a common formal element. It is curated to give visitors a closer view of the ideas of how Hadid shapes her structures.

Credit: Kollision

Kollision studio in collaboration with CAVI and Wahlberg curated “Parametric Space” an interactive installation that “reacts to the visitors' movements by changing shape and expression. At first glance the installation is a dark rectangular space, what appears to be a normal flat ceiling reveals itself as a flexible membrane that starts to glow and physically move down into a funnel shape that slowly reaches out. Stepping closer to the funnel it moves further down; stepping back, the membrane draws itself back, too.

A special room is dedicated to the MAXXI, where all the creative projects, from the first sketches to the technical diagrams are described, illustrating the process behind one the most famous projects by the architect.


Credit: Hanne Hvattum

"Zaha Hadid - World Architecture" Danish Architecture Centre
Strandgade 27B

until 29 September 2013

    MAXXI 135


    Rome / Italy / 2010