La Bodega Antion: like the vine clinging to the ground

Allegorical architecture for J. Marino Pascual's winery in Spain

by Malcolm Clark
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The J. Marino Pascual & Asocs studio has designed the winery, Bodega Antion, in Elciego the Spanish province of Alava. The initial intention was to shape the extremely irregular original plot on which the complex is located. The result is an almost underground architecture covered by a green blanket and thus enriched by the landscape.

The underground part is actually the operative part of the bodega where it has been thought to use the natural and thermal properties of the soil to keep the temperature constant.

These buildings gradually emerge from the ground in varying forms, each one with a distinctive identity and different shapes and sizes.

The top of the building may actually be glimpsed from the North, while almost the whole building stands out from the South. A ventilated façade protects from the direct impact of the sunlight.

The volumes making up the winery, the warehouse and the bottling area protect the Southern and Western façade of the area used for preserving matured wines while the eastern side is entirely below ground.

The architecture of Bodega Antion aims to translate the metaphor of the winery restoring dignity to the countryside, like a man organising agriculture, taming and modelling the natural environment.

Amongst the materials used, concrete dominates apart from in the great metaphoric cylindrical stainless steel crown which contains the wine production areas.

The complex, a reference destination for tourists, has 20 rooms which open towards the countryside dominated by the vineyards and mountains of Cantabria.

The project proposes a visitors' itinerary alongside Bodega's operative circuit, which allows panoramic views from each individual area of the winery without interfering with the winemaking process.

    Bodega Antion 31

    Bodega Antion

    Elciego / Spain / 2008