Risky shop: vintage design that defies the force of gravity

Smallna architects in Warsaw design an unusual fashion boutique

by Malcolm Clark
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The design studio smallna has made a fashion boutique in Warsaw for the clothing line Risk. Made in Warsaw, with a misleading design. Risky shop indeed looks like an upside down store, with allusion to the reversible character of the Polish brand.

On the ceiling of the boutique an installation-living room was set up, with the collaboration of artists and Joanna Gwóźdź and Daiusz Fiet, consisting of an inflatable sofa, a chair with a coffee table, a rumpled skirt, a pair of shoes, an upside down balloon. Everything seems to defy the laws of gravity.

A grey fabric curtain, the dominant colour in the furnishings and clothes of Risky shop, wraps a fitting room of an almost cylindrical shape that creates the illusion of connecting the ceiling to the floor and, therefore, creating a dialogue between the 'up' and the 'down'.

The whole perimeter of the store space is crossed by white painted steel tubes to which the displayed clothes are hung. The choice of vintage or recycled light sources accentuates the vintage design of the boutique; the lamps used in the American trains of the forties, or the sixties Polish tramway lights or even the traffic lights positioned in the office.

    Risky shop 37

    Risky shop

    Warsaw / Poland / 2012