The magical atmosphere of Héctor Esrawe's hotel Azul

All the details are inspired by local popular culture

by Malcolm Clark
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Hotel Azul, designed by Héctor Esrawe was recently opened on an old estate in Oaxaca, the Mexican state renowned for its magical atmosphere.

The boutique hotel has 20 rooms, five of which were designed by the State's bests artists like Francisco Toledo, Rubén Leyva, José Villalobos, Luis Zárate and the Colectivo Frijol Parado, the remainder being created by Esrawe's team.

The sculptures and mosaics, as well as all the details of the rooms and the common areas of the hotel are inspired by objects and instruments of the local popular culture. You can breathe the Oaxaca magic in all corners of the hotel, which offers guests a comfortable atmosphere in a 100% Mexican environment.

The hotel creates a unique bond with the guest through its close relationship with the art, culture and design of the town. Francisco Toledo, one of Oaxaca's greatest cultural representatives on an international level accompanies the guests from the hall to the terrace in a special tour embracing all the senses.

    Azul Oaxaca 33

    Azul Oaxaca

    Oaxaca City / Mexico / 2011