Simone Micheli's “Tondo design” restaurant

A garden of brilliant plant-like sculptures to inspire awe and energy

by Malcolm Clark
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The Tondo design restaurant, Simone Micheli's latest work, opened its doors in January in Milan. Located inside Hotel B4 in Via Stephenson, “Tondo” is a garden of tables and chairs where the partitions are hedges and every detail has been designed to inspire awe, energy and a youthful and international atmosphere.

The space is characterized by plant-like sculptures that make up the entire structural and functional apparatus of the ground floor. The bar counter, the reservations and reception point, the cooking show floor, are born of a fluid, dynamic, matter, a continuous flight from stereometric canonical shapes. The choice of clear and brilliant colours contrasts with the Lucerne stone floor of which extends over the entire surface.

Tondo” is an integral part of the hotel and the designer likes to call it “the Milanese heart of a body that runs towards the Expo, a crossroads of Italian and foreign entrepreneurs, who can experience the thrill of eating Italian food in an out-of-this-world and exciting location, which is far from the cliché of Italian architecture which is so often tied to the past.”

Tondo design restaurant 11

Tondo design restaurant

Milan / Italy / 2012