Stick Collection by Matali Crasset: the return to the essence

by Angelo Dell'Olio
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MILANO DESIGN WEEK - Stick is a modern reinterpretation of a ‘lantern’, deriving from the creativeness of the French designer Matali Crasset, who has designed a full line of lamps for Fabbian, starting from a single wooden module folded and spread by a central support, whose shape is inspired by a ‘pliers’. This detail gives rise to a collection of lamps based on the repetition of the same model.

Starting from a single module, it behaves just like a pliable material: in this way it covers the light source, is tamed and spreads a light shaded by the smoothness of the wood.

The goal to achieve is for light to develop in the environment, to create separate areas and at the same time to filter without totally delimiting the spaces; this type of effect is obtained thanks to “object-spaces” which have this dual function.

While the texture of the wood allows a soft and warm light to spread, the repetition of the module creates a play of graphic and unexpected shadows. The collection consists of a table lamp, a floor lamp and a hanging lamp. On show at Euroluce 2013.