Studio Lad wins the "Vocazione Roma" award

The Ponte Bailey bridge redevelopment project has been selected

by Malcolm Clark
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The Roman architectural office LAD laboratorio di architettura e design has won the "Vocazione Roma" award. This award, given by the Private Association “Vocazione Roma”, aims at promoting creative and innovative projects – focussed on providing solutions to social, economic and cultural problems – present in the metropolitan area of the Italian capital.

Studio Lad's winning project proposed the redevelopment and re-use of the remains of ponte Bailey bridge in via di Tor di Quinto, near Fleming hill: despite the removal of the bridge deck in the 1960's, the bed of the Tiber is still occupied by the three reinforced concrete bridge pillars.

"Our idea envisages an agreement between the public administration and a private investor who is willing to finance the demolition of two of the three pillars. In return for this effort, the public administration will temporarily grant the private investor the right to redevelop the third pillar and re-use it, building a removable structure jutting out over the Tiber. This platform will become a true public square in the middle of the river, accessible to all and equipped with a multi-purpose structure covered at the rear. On December 15th 2011, twenty days after we won the competition, after many years of indifference regarding the degraded situation we have spoken about, the City of Rome announced (using, amongst other things, one of our photos) its desire to call for Project Financing proposals for a project involving a suspended structure on all three pillars, at a cost of 35 million euros. Our idea involves freeing the riverbed of the pillars with a more simple, much less costly and less intrusive project. However, we trust in the institutions, and will not lose hope of one day seeing a solution to this strange environmental and urban dysfunction" say Studio Lad.

    Recupero del ponte Bailey 12

    Recupero del ponte Bailey

    Rome / Italy / 2011