Chic & Basic Ramblas: Lagranja design's new hotel in Barcelona

A vintage lobby prepares the guest for a 'journey' through 1960's Spanish tourism

by Malcolm Clark
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Lagranja Design has overseen the redesign of this hotel located in the heart of the Raval district of Barcelona. The renovation work of Hotel Chic and Basic Ramblas has been recently completed.

When our client showed us the old hotel, we immediately thought of the image of the hotels in Spanish films of the '60s and '70s” say the designers. This was the inspiration behind the concept on which the entire project is based.

Together with a team of graphic designers and with the client they looked for old photographs from this period. The renovation of this hotel has become, in a way, a kind of exhibition project.

Another important condition for the design was the limited budget available. Three of the six floors were renovated in the first phase of the project, in 2009, during which six colours were chosen (red, blue, dark blue, orange, grey and green), then randomly assigned to each room. Each room is identified by a picture on the door which gives it a theme and a name (for example, Julio Iglesias room or Eurovisión). The custom designed furniture is characterized by simple lines.

The ground floor was the last area to be restored. A Seat 600 car painted green and positioned at the centre of the lobby welcomes guests and prepares them for the “journey through the Spanish tourism of the 1960s”. The reception desk has been made with old leather suitcases recovered and converted to this new use. The ceiling of the dining room is decorated with colourful trays on which all the images used in the rest of the structure are printed.

    Chic and Basic Ramblas 51

    Chic and Basic Ramblas

    Barcelona / Spain / 2012