Winter Dreams

Reinventing tradition: the new mountain interiors

by Claudia Sigismondi
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There is hardly a more vernacular style than the traditional Alpine chalet, however the contemporary mountain interiors take their inspiration from the local traditions and fuse them with a modern approach.

Natural, local materials, especially wood and stone, are the most appropriate choice for a mountain setting as they enhance the relationship between the interior space and the landscape outside.

The visual link between the indoors and the outdoors is the key element of a contemporary chalet: it enhances the sense of well-being and extends the space limits.

Being connected to the outside is an expression of authenticity and helps finding a common ground between tradition and innovation.

The interiors shall reflect the spirit of the place, as well as the spirit of the times, so the latest Alpine resorts are conceived to fulfill the desires and expectations of today’s travelers.

Rustic mountain huts have a lot of charm but certainly were not conceived to provide modern comforts and amenities. Therefore high-end design incorporates luxury features with traditional materials, reinterpreting the mountain interiors for modern tastes, finding a common ground between the traditional chalet style and the glamorous appeal of the ski resorts.

The ultimate dream destinations for ski lovers are fully equipped and offer comfortable accommodations and superb facilities to ensure guests something new and up-to-date.

Despite the rustic setting, which is normally expected, today’s most appreciated mountain interiors reflect a fresh, contemporary edge, where facilities and technical installations are conveniently integrated.

The harmony between natural and artificial is another key concept of the latest mountain interiors.

Premium materials, such as salvaged lumber and natural stone, enhance the authenticity.

Wood is the basic ingredient, with a wide range of choice in terms of size and quality. Traditional craftsmanship can be successfully mixed with innovative design solutions.

The clean shapes of contemporary design gain life and charm from the rich texture of aged wood. The contrast between the pureness of the lines and the rustic irregularity of the timber conveys a natural and sophisticated effect.

As a natural element, light has a fundamental role in a chalet: a skillful use of artificial light and its integration with the natural sources helps to maximize the space and conjures up the desired result in terms of atmosphere.

Contemporary touches of design, unexpected pieces of artwork and photography add interest and a twist of surprise, being paired with local materials and traditional craftsmanship.

The final result is all in the balance: if well sorted, the most convincing reinterpretation of the Alpine style offers a harmonious combination of old and new.

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