OMA’s Milstein Hall receives 2013 AIA Institute Honor Award for Architecture

by Cecilia Di Marzo
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16/01/2013 - Milstein Hall, an extension to the College of Architecture, Art and Planning at Cornell University by Office for Metropolitan Architecture (O.M.A.), has won a 2013 AIA Institute Honor Award for Architecture.

The AIA jury commented: "The hall is praised by users for its 'transactional' qualities: The college's activities have become far more visually accessible within the Cornell campus; spaces created are connective between Sibley and Rand Halls; and functional relocations - such as the design library - have enhanced communication between student cohorts within the college. The exposed systems and relaxed social ambience tolerate and celebrate the creative clutter created by students. The dramatic insertion of the new program in relationship to the existing buildings and site creates exciting new conditions while posing a series of creative opportunities for future uses and artistic additions by the college (some already underway)."

    Milstein Hall 18

    Milstein Hall

    Cornell / United States / 2011