New Cityscapes Skyline rings: jewelry pieces or memory signs?

by Cecilia Di Marzo
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After the first collection we showed last January, the russian jewelry designer Ola Shekhtman created new more subjects.

She explained us the origin of new cities, all born from unique stories.

“I read a lot of stories full of happiness how people met each other in 2 days long trip in Chicago and are still living together in small town in Texas. In couple of weeks they are going to celebrate 25 years anniversary and he wants to surprise her with a piece of memory of the place where their story began.

Or one Lady ordered NYC ring because she and her husband renewed vows on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Or one nice bride gifted her bridesmaid rings where they are from.

A lot of stories with romantic moments.

One cute story sits in my heart: teacher in one Australian school was going to move to London. And students chipped in for a ring as a memory gift. Isn't it cute?

But sometimes I receive stories with a sad shade. One woman lost her son few years ago. But found neighbor teen as a close friend and she treated him like a son. And she gave him city he was born in.

From all these stories were created new cities in my collection.

Honestly, I don't consider my creations as a real jewelry pieces.
It's more like accessories, like memory signs. I think it is a great opportunity to keep your memory from the trip or to mute a homesick. It can a very touching gift for your close person, which can mean a lot.
I am so happy to be a part of someone's impression".



Los Angeles

New Orleans


San Francisco




To find out more or to purchase your own, visit Shekhtman's official website