Coodo contemporary living's modular units

Green and innovative design for a flexible residence designed in Slovenia

by Malcolm Clark
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In their research for a new living formula, Coodo contemporary living has devised a system of Modular Units capable of adapting to a variety of functional purposes, from houses, to exhibition halls, studios, spaces for sports in contact with nature.

They are prefabricated housing units, made in Slovenia, which adapt to the variety of environmental and urban contexts, according to an approach which is fully in line with the guidelines of sustainable and efficient design.

Indeed, each unit, has been designed to be smart, or energetically self-sufficient, besides being extremely flexible, thanks to a remotely controllable system of monitoring the use of energy and to a structure capable of optimizing the entry of natural light.

The Coodo system is designed according to a curved corian profile, matched with materials like wood and metal, customizable colours and finishes that the user chooses in response to their own needs.

    Coodo Modular Units 88

    Coodo Modular Units

    Kranj / Slovenia / 2012