Tepoztlan lounge: nestling suspended on the middle-earth

Cadaval & Solà-Morales design a house inhabited by nature

by Malcolm Clark
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Cadaval & Solà-Morales are the main architects of Tepoztlán Lounge, an original “holiday home” at the foot of the mountains, a few kilometres North of Mexico City. The project experiments a unique relationship between inside and outside and between these two opposite conditions inserts a space in the middle, a “living threshold” which becomes the main space of the project.

The interior consists of three rooms designed for three distinct activities: the first contains an open bar with a kitchen space, the bathrooms and the swimming pool changing rooms, the second is a play area for children that can also be used as a reading room when temperatures drop at night, the third is the living area, a protected environment, temperate and comfortable for conversation.

The “Middle-earth”, the large covered platform with large trees and open on all sides took shape with the desire to give these three separate volumes continuity. This continuous space, in complete contact with nature but protected from its harshness, is designed not only to expand the indoor activities, but also to permit typical activities of outdoor life, like swinging on a hammock.

By defining this central space, by defining its shape, the contiguous courtyards are defined. So even the exterior finds a precise position in the project thanks to the “middle-earth” space and this integrated architecture generates a unique spatial experience overall.

    Tepoztlán Lounge 74

    Tepoztlán Lounge

    Tepoztlán / Mexico / 2012