Winners of the BIO.23 awards in Ljubljana, Slovenia announced

The awards present what is happening in the international contemporary design world

by Malcolm Clark
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The works selected for the bio.23 design exhibition-competition in Ljubljana, Slovenia came from more than 500 applications from 38 countries all over the world from Finland to Sri Lanka and from Slovenia to the Netherlands. The main characteristic aspect emerging from the competition entries is how the designers are beginning to transcend the borders of their disciplines and of how designers are now engaging in new collaborations and are obtaining new positions in different fields like health, technology and governmental issues.

So, at this moment designers are no longer confined to one specific design discipline and contemporary design does not only provide commercial products or products with an industrial purpose, it also provides conceptual and experimental design based on social, medical and economical questions.

The exhibition which follows on from the awards ceremony and runs until 11th November is entitled “Design Relations”. It not only exposes the new and revolutionary ideas of contemporary design, but will also open up new perspectives and critical discussions about what contemporary design embodies at this very moment: What is design today and what is design about?

Four BIO Awards for Student works were awarded to: the Gravity Stool by Jólan van der Wiel, Wooden coats by Max Böhme, (Un)Useful clothes collection by Irena Rojs and Visualising Typographic Diversity posters by Karin von Ompteda.

Moreover nine Bio Honourable Mentions were bestowed to: MeshMatics lamps by Rick Tegelaar, Terra stools by Adital Ela, Navigating in the Biesbosch buoys by Sabrina Koning-Woud, SKW Vormgeving, Grasshopper lamp by Feodor Mayow, Bee’s diagnostic tool by Susana Soares, Swallowable Parfum byLucy McRae, The Ring (T)Rail urban renewal project by Anagram Architects, Matka – Vases of skin collection by Studio Pepe Heykoop and Particles series of vessels designed by Studio Jo Meesters.

Gravity Stool 1

Gravity Stool

Amsterdam / Netherlands / 2012