House of water: attention to the environment has a new home

The amazing water treatment plant designed by Molter-Linnemann architects

by Malcolm Clark
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The German duo Molter-Linnemann Architects have worked in a pleasant natural environment by inserting the House of Water, a water treatment plant, within the itinerary of discovering nature.

The forest of Pfaelzer already welcomed other attractions (apart from the natural ones) like the "House of the Biosphere" and the "House of sustainability", with this new "House" it adds an important element to communicate the importance for the region to respect the entire ecosystem.

The "House of Water" is in every way a true water treatment plant, which serves drinking water to the neighbouring community. But it is also a public space dedicated to disseminating information related to water and its use, with spaces for exhibitions and conferences.

Putting together these two functions was the first challenge of the project. Indeed, the two tasks have mutually incompatible needs, on the one hand the protection of a "vital" mechanism for the population, controlled 24 hours a day, on the other, to be open to the community to discuss their work.

The architecture embodies this duality: on the outside it appears like a composition of black volumes with an impenetrable appearance, while on the inside a pure white dominates; an allusion to the purity of the water and the trust in “clean” progress that seems to have conquered Germany. In the middle panels of expanded metal that let the light.

The examples of good architecture applied to unusual contexts and to technical rooms, fortunately, are not exclusive to Germany. Italy also houses excellent projects like Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini' Studio C+S Water filtration plant in the Venice lagoon or Bolzano architectural office monovolume architecture + design's Winnebach power station.

    House of Water 13

    House of Water

    Kaiserslautern / Germany / 2009

    Water filtration plant in the Venice lagoon 31

    Water filtration plant in the Venice lagoon

    Venice / Italy / 2008

    Centrale elettrica Winnebach 21

    Centrale elettrica Winnebach

    Vandoies di sopra / Italy / 2009