Dupli Dos Ibiza: Juma Architects' flexible house

An elegant and comfortable home with strategies focussed on adaptability

by Malcolm Clark
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Dupli Dos is a single family house designed by Juma Architects whose focus is on absolute flexibility.

The house, on the Spanish island of Ibiza, comes from restructuring two existing units designed not only to accommodate 10 people (6 adults and 4 children), but above all to create a comfortable house for a single couple.

"This is why it is possible to close the other bedrooms when there are only two people and use the  first floor of one of the buildings as a study room and a bathroom. When, on the other hand, several rooms are used, there is a large moveable wall for separating them from the corridor."

One of the two buildings that make up the Dupli DOS was lower than the other and this permitted the creation of zones on different levels inside and on the terrace. The latter, made of wood, and the steel arches connect the two buildings giving the impression that they are a single house.

There are two pools and all staircases are positioned outside in order to free the back of the house so that it can be used as a patio.

"Inside we also demolished a wall to create a hub that can be seen and used in both environments and on both sides, helping to create more space."

  • Kcau Paccola


  • Kcau Paccola


  • Luca Giuseppe Gentile

    Bellissima! Stile Richard Neutra, allievo di Adolf Loos e collaboratore anche di Frank Lloyd Wright (non so se mi spiego...), vedi anche Kaufman House a Palm Springs, California. Complimenti!

Dupli Dos 218

Dupli Dos

Ibiza Town / Spain / 2012