Mudéjar reminiscences in the public library of Almonte

Donaire Arquitectos consolidates the original building system without changing it

by Malcolm Clark
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Donaire Arquitectos has restored an old warehouse “Los Reales de Almonte” in Spain, classified as an Asset of Cultural Interest, and has converted it into a Public library and music school.

The library is located in a building previously used as a wine deposit, a typical wine cellar of the area, free on three sides, measuring 78 meters long and 10.50 m. wide, with an area of approximately 821 square meters.

The completed project consolidates the original building system without altering it and consists of an independent internal structure with respect to the existing one and which houses some of the new functions. The library occupies 14 of the 17 modules that make up the aisle, the remaining three spaces are dedicated to the School of Music.

The main entrance is located on the south-eastern side, giving the perception of an almost complete space. The first areas you come to are higher than the others and are destined to controlling the books lent out and to administration.

The press area follows the reading and consultation area, open on the whole aisle. At the end of the aisle there is the children's area lit up with large scattered lights, a small shop and a service staircase. In the space on the upper floor there is a reading room and the audiovisual room.

The proposal highlights the original features of the building to create different spaces equipped for their new function. The concept of emptying the existing building has meant that the furnishing project is a fundamental part of the intervention. It has been solved with a simple, repetitive and reproducible design for the different needs of the rich program of the library and of the public services offered.

    Public library and music school in Almonte 21

    Public library and music school in Almonte

    Almonte / Spain / 2010