Landscape ABC studio design

Artist/Craftsman Puglia / Italy

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Landscape ABC  studio design
Landscape ABC studio design

Follow Landscape ABC studio design also on Landscape ABC is a multidisciplinary design studio that care and provides solutions for the green at 360 °. LIST SERVICES: - Study design and furnishings for interior - exterior - Import export semi bulbs - plants (indoor and outdoor - Endotherapy - visual assessment of tree on the biomechanical bases (VTA) - Water-saving irrigation system solution - Topiary - Furniture eco-sustainable - Technical roof garden - Technical succulent garden design (vertical garden with real plants) - Technical vertical garden with stabilizedplants - Technical vertical garden with real plants for indoor and outdoor - The technical moss design (lichens colored walls inside) - Nature pendant design with and without LED (mix of plants suspended for staging exhibitions / shows room / Windows / lounge bar - Advice phyto-pathological Every place has a soul and a vocation. Landscape architecture accompanies the man to the discovery of new spaces rapportandosi with nature and his own forms. SPACE, LIGHT, COLOR and MOVEMENT, these are the elements that come into play and with whom by nature man is in constant relation to the search for harmony with himself and with the places that surround him, and through which find continuous stimuli and emotions. The rich and generous nature is allowed without asking anything in return. Is to accompany us in time. There aren't ways and styles but energy which need to be shared. Francesco Cannone