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Valentina Pica
I am a PhD Italian Architect strongly motivated to work on historic buildings retrofitting, heritage conservation and sustainable projects.I am an active job seeker at the moment (worldwide, for stays, internships and collaborations), with 7 years of experience in Spain, C2 level of spanish, C1 level of English, good knowledge of 3d rendering programmes and of other softwares for design. I really want to spend my time for innovative projects and be a good designer in the next future.
As a researcher, I have been dedicated for many years to typological analysis and documental research on historical urban areas, checking pathologies and verifying rehabilitation’s experiences on buildings of high artistic and historical value. I apply various digital techniques of restitution to recreate their original conditions. I am also interested in bioclimatic devices of traditional domestic buildings of the Mediterranean Basin. In the field of design, I am strongly motivated to collaborate in sustainable housing and bioclimatic architecture projects.

Some scientific works of my researches have been published in Spain (DIGITAL CSIC, E-rph, CEHGR, revistas electrónicas) and I am also working on scientific translation from Spanish to Italian and Italian to Spanish in the fields of architecture, environment, engineering and cultural heritage. You can read more about my work as a researcher in the spanish page of the School of Arabic Study of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas:

Currently, I am focusing my interests on the Mediterranean area and the influence of Islamic historical cultures, in Spain, including also Italy. In order to enrich my bibliography and knowledge in these areas through the perspective of several internationally relevant works, I would very much be interested in improving my research by spending some months in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (AKPIA Fellowship), so I am applying to this grant
I am also writing a research project for the Marie Curie IF programme about historical buildings retrofiting and new strategy for small historical cities renewal under a multidisciplinar perspective (urban planning, ITC tecnologies and restoration).

In 2008, I obtained my degree through the School of Architecture of Roma Tre (with specialization in monument restoration). I also obtained a European Master's Degree in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage and Patrimony, at E. T. S.A.M., Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM), Spain. I defended my PhD thesis in 2016. A monography on the topic of the thesis (Castilian ruling class' traditional houses of XVI Century Granada) is going to be published by the Editorial of the University of Granada (Eug) and COMARES.

While I was working on my PhD thesis, I carried out a deep architectural analysis (diachronic transformation) over the domestic architecture in ancient Al-Andalus and the changes overcome due to the last so called Reconquista of Granada, in 1492. From then on, I continued studying the relationship between the culture of Al-Andalus and medieval Castile into the boundaries of the Mediterranean Basin, including Italian republics like Genoa, Venice, as well as the cities of Rome and Naples, over the last part of the 13th century and up until the 16th century. Moreover, since 2010, I have been working as an independent professional or senior architect and interior designer in the city of Granada.

Valentina Pica
Valentina Pica
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