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Edilmark is a company specialized in the wood-burning fireplace sector founded in 1968, first producing concrete products and specializing a few years later in the production of fireplaces, which are now on sale throughout Italy. From the beginning, the production included open fireplaces with refractory or cast iron interiors, ventilated cast iron, refractory ovens, barbecues and, to complete, expanded clay flues and concrete chimneys. Today Edilmark has concentrated its production on three product lines: barbecues, fireplaces and pizza ovens.

Edilmark outdoor barbecues

The pleasure of simple conviviality: Edilmark outdoor barbecues are the ideal choice for those who love top quality materials and a carefully studied technique. The construction techniques employed ensure that the highly refractory barbecues are solid and durable over time. Whether placed outdoors in the garden or under a porch, Edilmark wood-burning barbecues will complete and enhance the appearance of your outdoor space, making it the center of an inextinguishable family joy. Stylistic research, in fact, occupies a place of primary importance within the creation processes of the Edilmark team: for this reason, the different barbecue models in the catalog will allow to identify the one that best fits with the architecture of the house, which be it traditional or modern.

Edilmark's indoor fireplaces

Warm the environment and warm the heart: Edilmark's indoor fireplaces give a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere, while ensuring maximum safety in the combustion process. Wall fireplaces and corner fireplaces, in fact, are built exclusively with high quality materials, such as refractory granulate with a high percentage of alumina, which increases the resistance to high temperatures and therefore the durability of the product. The eternal charm of wood-burning fireplaces always gives different emotions: comfort, warmth and familiarity are all synonyms of what a lit fireplace can give to the home in which it is installed. The attention to design means that different types of stylistic solutions are available in the catalog: modern fireplaces to complete the most avant-garde interiors or classic construction lines for lovers of tradition.

The historic Edilmark pizza ovens

Edilmark has been producing ovens for cooking pizza for professional or domestic use for over 50 years. Each Edilmark product is the result of a careful research of materials: choosing an Edilmark wood oven means having the security of an accurate selection, which can make you get only the best of its performance. The achievement of high temperatures is in fact guaranteed by the first quality materials, which are carefully selected not only to provide the necessary degree of heat but also to be able to maintain it up to 12/15 hours after use. Whether it is a home pizza oven or an oven for professional use, an Edilmark product is designed and engineered to be totally safe during the combustion and smoke outflow process: for this reason, it is possible to install wood-burning ovens indoors. , such as in a pizzeria, but also outdoors, such as the garden of a private house. Edilmark ovens for cooking pizza are the right choice to guarantee safety and resistance.
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