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MOQI is a sub-brand of Beijing Qingmei Yuyao Art and Design Research Center. It is an independently-designed brand with 13 years of independent R&D and innovation, led by Mr. Yang Yuyao, deputy director of the Design Institute of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. MOQI is committed to in-deep integration, development and research of traditional culture and art design, in order to provide customers with product design with today's most humanistic and artistic value.

MOQI brand is the perfect combination of Chinese traditional culture which represents the profound oriental tradition and Bauhaus minimalism which represents modern western aesthetics. It combines both the classical beauty of China and the contemporary style. The combination of the two is seamless and integrated. Innovation has always been the theme of Chinese traditional furniture for keeping pace with the times, and it is also an important means of inheriting and developing Chinese culture. New Chinese Style and New Oriental Style, as symbols of the continuation of Chinese culture, annotate the charm of Chinese design and Chinese art from different angles. As an innovative work of Chinese new Chinese furniture, MOQI is designed based on Chinese culture, and can not only express the soul of Chinese culture, but also penetrate into the life of modern people. As the successor of Chinese culture, in the exploration, MOQI will eventually endow furniture design with the "root". In the process of product development, suitable elements should be found and modern people's aesthetic habits and lifestyles should be followed so as to balance Chinese and Western cultures. The process of brand building need takes time and efforts. In terms of design service concept, design skill and design technology, it has got rid of the regional concept and simple national style of traditional Chinese furniture, because the brand of MOQI is world-wide and should be recognized worldwide. At the same time, it also intends to define the meaning of "China" and emphasizes that the life style, life behavior and habits of Chinese people are different from those of Western people, thus demarcating the personality characteristics of material life of Chinese people. It also attempts to demarcate the aesthetic personality and spiritual characteristics of contemporary Chinese in the wave of "convergence" of the integration of world culture. MOQI always pursues "new", so it has no end point. Furniture is a daily necessities, life is continuing, life style is changing.

Finally, in the era of cultural diversity and various design trends, MOQI needs to constantly adapt to life, constantly absorb the achievements of modern science and technology, make endless use of new materials, new structures and new technologies, in a bid to create brighter and brighter future of new Chinese-style home life.

Introduction to the Founder of MOQI

Mr. Yang Yuyao is the founder of the MOQI brand, design director of Qingmei Yuyao Art Design Research Center, senior and outstanding interior architect of the Design Committee of China Building Decoration Association, director of the Institute of Interior Design ,the Architectural Society of China, vice director of the Institute of Urban Construction Art Design, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, deputy chief designer of the Wu Guanzhong Research Center of Tsinghua University, and Beijing Tsingshang Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. chief designer of Newsdays, executive director of Asia-Pacific Hotel Design Association. He has led the classical projects such as office building interior design of Chinese Academy of Engineering, office building design of the Ministry of Education, interior design of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, interior design of the Centennial Celebration Hall of Tsinghua University, interior design of the School of Information Management, Tsinghua University, interior design of the School of Public Management, Tsinghua University, interior design of the School of Planning and Design, Tsinghua University, interior design of reception center of Tsinghua Science Park, interior design of Taekwondo Gymnasium of Beijing Olympic Games, etc.

Introduction of Beijing Qingmei Yuyao Art Design Research Center

Founded in 1998, with Mr. Liang Sicheng, a renowned Chinese architectural historian and architect, as the spiritual mentor, based on the Design Institute of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University as the platform, Beijing Qingmei Yuyao Art Design Research Center is a China Dream-pursuing design team composed of elites from Tsinghua University and several independent designers. For many years, the Center has been devoted to the study of the balance between new Chinese aesthetics and the needs of contemporary home life. It re-excavates the aesthetic value of Chinese traditional crafts and architectural structure, studies the connotation and implication of oriental pattern decoration, rediscovers the relationship between Chinese traditional furniture and modern life style, and completes re-innovation of traditional architecture, public welfare protection of furniture, and traditional crafts.

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