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The Nordic design is a distinct characteristic of Vifa audio products. Keynotes are respect for materials, for details, and for the user. The listening experience has been key to the realization of simple, yet desirable solutions. The products are for anyone who values exclusive design just as much as great sound. And the business agrees. Several of our products have obtained design awards: IF Gold Design Award, Red Dot Award, just to mention a few.


Creating authentic sound is a matter of orchestration. It’s the art of making the finest components and technology play together. Only experience, the love of music, and an uncompromising attitude to quality can make this happen. This is our philosophy and the reason why Vifa sound will thrill you; a sound that is true to your favorite pieces of music. Both for peaceful moments and for celebration.


Only nature can provide materials that fully reflect the purity and simplicity of our Nordic design. Therefore, right from the beginning, the collaboration between Vifa and Kvadrat has been close to perfect. It actually allowed for a breakthrough in weaving-techniques never seen before, in terms of creating a resistant fabric with the right ability to let sound pass perfectly through the threads. We were the first to go there, and we are thankful to Kvadrat for their dedication to continuous quality. Because being a pioneer has always mattered to us.
Vifa Denmark
Vifa Denmark
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