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Riccardo Rivoli Design
The story of Riccardo Rivoli is an Italian success story, a chapter in Italian industrial design, which began towards the end of the 20th century and, is now fully in progress. Beauty, functionality and fine materials are the cornerstones of a constantly developing stylistic process; one that gives shape to collections of furnishing objects and accessories designed and produced to be functional, look attractive and last a long time while merging with an evolved design culture, where sustainability plays a key role.

Meeting needs, embracing new trends and anticipating desires while discovering, every day, inspiration that makes each truly great project special. Riccardo Rivoli does all this. He does it in his own unmistakable way, from Italy but with a global outlook. This is his mission, and more importantly his passion, which nurtures creativity, the guiding hand that traces a path to shape projects that are created to be engineered and transformed into excellent products.

Riccardo Rivoli is ideas, a company and a brand. This company, unique in its sector, communicates in a universal language of experience and initiatives, combining passion with research, artisan know-how and an efficient industrial approach. It is the genuine value of “Made in Italy”, where insight is applied to quality living, the legacy of a centuries-old culture of beauty, which has successfully merged with functionality only in the most discerning contemporary contexts. It is ideas transformed into an attractive smart object that focuses on comfort.

Riccardo Rivoli's furnishing approach, based on free creative expression, formal elegance and meticulous details, closely dialogues with international interior design. These are the main features of an offer that is not limited to catalogue creations but also includes tailormade solutions, based on precise and specific needs. The key words are collaboration, dialogue and sharing, which determine the guidelines of a design that respects the needs of all the professionals involved in the process, from conception to production.

Customising and adapting ideas not only to meet a specific need but also to satisfy particular tastes and a desire for uniqueness. Riccardo Rivoli does this, proving himself to be a versatile inventor, even more than a designer and a brand, as he is fully aware of his customers’ demands. Without abandoning the fundamental principles of his design philosophy, he happily faces new formal and functional challenges that lead to innovative creative and constructive ideas.

Riccardo Rivoli stands out for his ability to meet expectations that go beyond all normal criteria. This is true of every aspect of his work, starting with quality, which concerns all stages of the supply chain, from design to prototyping, from product engineering to production, in line with a process that brings together the finest craftsmanship and the expertise of a most sophisticated company. All this takes place with the awareness that, nowadays, quality cannot and must not disregard ethics, thus ensuring materials and production processes with the lowest environmental impact.

Officially founded in 2014, Italian Chair District for International Markets is a business network made up of the companies: Cizeta Group, Palma, Piaval and Riccardo Rivoli. They have entered the international markets together with the primary aim of approaching their clients as a group of companies that can work with the broadest range of styles and products. Quality is guaranteed by their design and manufacturing processes, which are entirely in Made-in-Italy style.

Riccardo Rivoli Design
Riccardo Rivoli Design
Riccardo Rivoli Design