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Tumidei is a company that has been operating, for over 60 years, in the furniture sector, in particular for the sleeping area. Born in Predappio di Romagna in the province of Forlì - Cesena, she has made passion and the constant search for quality the hallmarks of her success. In the course of its rise, it has been able to reconcile the concept of artisan work with a modern vision of production, allowing customers to access quality furnishing solutions for many different needs. Today Tumidei is a leading company in the Made in Italy furniture sector so much appreciated all over the world. It is present in over 50 countries on all five continents, testifying to the constant growth and products that have been able to intercept the tastes and needs of customers. A modern and dynamic company with more than 100 employees and an equipped factory located on an area of 20 thousand square meters.
Tumidei means quality but also respect for the environment and safety at work.
In fact, since 2006 the Emilian company has obtained numerous certifications attesting to its professionalism and seriousness. Specifically, it has the ISO 9001 certificate for the quality of its products with respect to the standards established at European level through the specific regulations in force, the ISO 14001 certificate for respect and protection of the environment and the OH SAS 18001 certificate as it allows its employees to work in total safety without any risk to health.

Wardrobe Tumidei: Wardrobes and walk-in closets

Among the many furnishing solutions of Tumidei, the one dedicated to wardrobes stands out. A line that is the result of many years of research and experimentation in order to obtain solutions able to meet the needs of customers both in terms of comfort and practicality and in terms of aesthetics. The Tumidei cabinets integrate with any kind of furniture, allowing customization both in terms of external surfaces and materials. This kind of innovative system allows, in fact, to combine different solutions and obtain the most suitable one for your needs: oak doors or matt surfaces but also glossy finishes. Maximum freedom of expression and customization also with regard to the movement mechanisms of the cabinet itself. All types of cabinets are available with hinged or sliding doors.
Tumidei walk-in closets, which offer the same possibilities of customization both in composition and finishes, thanks to their modularity allow you to use every square centimeter available in your bedroom with linear, corner or U-shaped solutions.

Smart Living Tumidei: innovative solutions of sofas and foldaway beds

Tumidei has developed in recent years an innovative and versatile project for the realization of sofas integrated in wall solutions equipped with foldaway beds. Not a simple sofa bed, but a bed that can be totally hidden in the wall, and that does not interfere with the sofa once opened. The reference line is the Smart Living On-Off, obtained with a system designed to transform the house with extreme simplicity and speed. An innovative system that does not represent the classic sofa bed but rather a harmonious and extremely intriguing solution in terms of shape and size, but at the same time versatile and usable for every kind of situation. The sofas are equipped with special slide mechanisms with the presence of pneumatic shock absorbers and above all they have the possibility to move the seats through a functional remote control. A solution, therefore, the result of years of design and research, to find the perfect combination of versatility, comfort and usability. Among other things, the sofas are equipped with a special 18 cm thick mattress made in ergonomic style for maximum comfort even while resting. The sofas can be further enriched with the use of many types of optional accessories and components of various kinds. A dynamic design symptom of how this Emilian company has invested in the sector thanks to the skills of its professionals, to offer customers an extremely useful and versatile quality product for every kind of need.

Tiramolla Tumidei: children and teen bedroom sets

Tumidei is a leader in the design and construction of bedrooms for boys and girls. It has an entire dedicated line called Tiramolla which makes quality and versatility its strong points. All Tumidei's children's bedrooms are made with the innovative Young Design System that allows maximum customization both in terms of shapes and spaces and in terms of graphic combinations. In fact, numerous configurations are available with fold-down beds, non-aligned bunk beds, or with mezzanine floors, or even with sliding beds always with drawbench, bridge configurations and many others.
Tumidei offers the possibility to make the most of every single square centimeter allowing you to think about every kind of need. Customization that also finds its maximum expression in terms of colors and shades. You can let your imagination run wild thanks to the digital printing of doors and panels with the use, moreover, of ecological paints that protect the environment and the health of children who sleep, play, study and live in the room. In addition, digital prints can be combined with wall decorations on glass fiber paper printed with non-toxic ink.
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