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by Valentina Ieva
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Sustainer Homes converts repurposed shipping containers into off-grid, mobile homes that need no connection to sewerage, water, electricity or gas infrastructure.

Sustainer Homes was founded by two sociologists, a sustainable architect and an engineer.

Wolf & Gert came up with the idea for a completely self-sufficient home when they were working together in their own solar panel installation company, and saw prices dropping rapidly. The original idea was based on rebuilding a van, but the idea of doing it in a container was much more appealing: it was just as easy to transport, but a lot bigger. When they met Sol, a sustainable architect, they started making the first drawings & models. After modelling over 20 years of climate data and seeing that, with the most advances sustainable tech we have today, this could really be done, they pulled Jacintha on board to make it into a business.

They said about the project:
"Because our home is in fact 'wireless' we can build in places where it wasn’t possible or just very expensive to build before. Retaining the original function of the container, you can literally pick up your home and transport it anywhere, such as on a rooftop or in the middle of a forest.



By building with sustainable building materials and the most advanced energy technology available on the market today, we have created a house that enables low-impact living and freedom in one go".

"Sustainers are available in several sizes and designs. We are now releasing a 1 to 2 person version of 33m2 for € 75,000, including all systems, household appliances, and the full interior, and without any energy bill whatsoever. In the coming months, we’ll be designing larger (family) sustainers, offices, and holiday models for different climates.

Water is collected as rainwater and filtered to Dutch drinking water standards for use. Afterwards, the water flows through a helofyte filter back into the ground, closing the water cycle.


Power is produced year round by solar panels and wind mills. A battery pack creates reliable energy provision day & night, closing the energy cycle.

Heat is created by a heat pump and kept inside with sustainable insulation materials. 

Because we need no connection to the grid, the Sustainer is fully mobile, and can be placed within a day.


For the rest of 2015, we will be working together with the makers of Toon – the smart thermostat- on (digitally) integrating our systems – for instance, we’re working on an app that shows your the exact level of your battery, how much energy your solar panels are producing, how much energy you’re using, etc.
Meanwhile, we will continue talks with prospective customers, who want to live in a Sustainer, have one as a holiday home or AirBnb, or as a backyard office. We expect to do the first (commercial) placements spring 2016".

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