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“The Cultural” is a new film series by MINI. In each film, creative people demonstrate to have high personal and professional standard in their specific field trusting in their feelings on what to do case by case.


The idea is that our most important decisions should follow our gut feelings:
all life’s thoughts and needs, also buying a car, maybe.


#MINI #Clubman #RagionadIstinto #GoWithYourgut.


First film - This way is my way


The first film talks about Scot Campbell, a tattoo artist in New York.


While Campbell’s scope of artwork goes beyond the tattoo parlor: he develops the affinity for tattoo art in relationship with body and mind, and also the intimacy with his clients extends his artwork. Campbell strongly believes that “the more you stray from your instincts, the further you get from yourself and who you are”.



Second Film- Last Lizard


The second film features LA based musician Alex Zhang.


Alex Zhang is a successful musician, looking for inner peace. Sometimes this means loosing something. If you want to change the curse of your life, you’ll just have to listen to tour instinct and your body. They know the way.



Third Film - BOMBONICE


The third film features Ana Kras furniture designer from Serbia.


Roughness and square architecture structure of Ana’s home, inspired her work. Ana is an artist, she does not make plans but she just follows her instincts. Things happening instinctively and spontaneous are the best.