at the "salone internazionale del mobile 2012"

Il salone internazionale del mobile 2012

by Paolo Colombo

Creativity and innovation, but also tradition, craftsmanship, Made in Italy, natural materials, primarily wood and all its variants. Strong focus on hybrid objects, classic but reinterpreted in a contemporary way, they find new life in the trials of the recycling design. Strong focus on research and innovation of eco materials:

First prize at the Salone Satellite has been assigned to Raul Lauri, a Spanish designer, that, recovering coffee grounds and mixing it with other materials, has created the eco lamp Decafè. The resins of vegetable origin are mixed with inert natural end of life, but have been recycled to create a new material: Cristalplant biobased, with which they were made sinks and bathtubs. Mirrors, light bulbs and old bottles are recovered to produce ecomalte breathable and resistant to fire.

Interesting project "Barrique, la terza vita del legno" in which 30 architects and designers - including Mario Botta, Carlo Colombo, Angela Missoni - have invented a new way to use the old wooden barrels for storing wine and made by carpenters of San Patrignano. Certainly no shortage of electronic and technological innovation, as the project developed by Panasonic Photosynthesis with Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata. The environmental impact of televisions is minimized because of their relationship with solar panels that reproduce the process of photosynthesis, capturing clean solar energy which is then stored in an accumulator of energy lithium batteries . To avoid unnecessary waste of energy, Whirlpool has produced a refrigerator equipped with smart sensors that constantly monitor and adjust temperature and humidity to preserve the best and the longer foods, or a dishwasher that adjusts water temperature and time according to dirt actual dishes.Today more than ever, young designers from around the world show that, in exercising their inventive, a marked tendency to think about the potential of materials and objects "poor" and daily. Strong presence of northern Europeans who are very strong with the recovery of wood, paper and industrial metal structures for the creation of tables made by assembly of colored pencils, collectible dolls full of graceful humor, style tables and chairs "Bauhaus eco-friendly", chandeliers that link all the color, but also on the levity of the cellulose...


    • Paolo Colombo


      Lugano / Switzerland

      Paolo Colombo ha costruito la sua reputazione internazionale progettando numerose realizzazioni in Italia, Grecia, Serbia, Spagna, Francia, USA. con un’architettura ispirata e fortemente centrata sul concetto di benessere dell’individuo, un palcoscenico emozionale mediato tra arte e funzione, curato nei particolari e funzionale.Tra gli altri, le SPA “Starwood - Astir Palace hotel” Hotel Baglioni a Londra, e Negli emirati arabi le torri “Donna Towers Silicon”, “Donna Towers Marina“e “Waterfront”.)