"Can you imitate the inimitable?"

by Valentina Ieva
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What if your own house itself could be the subject of contemporary art, which is performed in style and color scale, that exactly personalizes you? Your inner self, your dreams, your outlook on architecture. What kind of world you want to live in?

From these questions the 'Dream Domain’ series of elaborate villass by Russian architect Vasily Klyukin started.

"I like the colorful life, that is why I try to use only the bright colors to enrich the shapes of the objects and to create an extravagant look" explained Vasily.

‘Villa Mondrian’ takes its namesake and influence from artist Piet Mondrian, who said: "There is nothing more specific than a line, a color and a plane".

The facade of Villa Mondrian is almost completely identical to his famous painting "Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue and Black".

Vasily told us: "It wasn't quite simple to pick the color and shapes, so that all the walls of the building were harmoniously combined together, as well as looking good from any angle. I wanted the house not to lose the residential logic, as for now, I can clearly imagine the interior layout of this villa". 


All images courtesy: Vasily Klyukin






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