Minimal or Maximalist Design? Why choose? This two-faced apartment lets you have both!

Artist Pavel Vetrov's dichotomous apartment features a half-graffitied, half-minimal aesthetic

by Angelica Marino
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Choosing a design style for any space is a harrowing decision, as a home should reflect its inhabitants' personality; but personalities are ever-changing: you can be cool, calm, and collected one day and feel like a brooding and rebellious outcast the next. And often two inhabitants of the same space have radically different styles. With such instability, how can you limit a home to just one design look? The answer? You don't!



Kiev-based designer Pavel Vetrov created the room entitled Sunday to reflect the yin and yang of minimalist and maximalist design aesthetics. One side features a nearly colorless space with clean, essential details, while the other is plastered entirely in colorful graffiti. The result is a beautifully schizophrenic space which blends two worlds into one.



Vetrov cites artist Tilt's Panic Room as his inspiration for the work. Immerse yourself in this bisected beauty below: