Suggestions for decorating a space in B&W

Look for a great contrast!

by Susanna Cots

1-If you wish to decorate or redesign a room in black and whitecolours, aim for the balance among shapes, textures and atrezzo.

2- If the idea is to paint a wall black, I suggest using a white decapé bureau for a dramatic effect and to avoid the wall getting dirty, as black is a very delicate colour. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to use black walls in spaces where there are children (unless it is chalkboard paint).

Put a real plant on top of the bureau, preferably in green and white: orchids are a great option or also, one of spring’s loveliest flowers, a branch of almond blossom.

3- Another useful trick that adds personality to any space is hanging a collage of paintings, photographs and sketches framed in black in different shapes and thickness.

4- If you wish to achieve contrast in black and white spaces, I suggest combining other materials or colours such as metallic or the natural wood of your choice, in my case I prefer oak. Try not to use strong accent colours such as red or orange, as it will minimize both the aimed contrast and visual comfort.

5- When decorating a space in white, visualize it as a huge container and apply black touches. If you are aiming for a high contrast decoration always think in terms of balance. And remember that “less is more”.

More white images with black touches: Vivienda en Almuñecar

    • Susanna Cots

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      Born in Solsona in 1977, designer Susanna Cots finished her formation as a building and works designer in 1998 and started her Interior Design degree in Escola Superior de Disseny i Art – Llotja in Barcelona. During her studies, she worked for different architectural firms, engineering, R&D departments, and design companies in order to expand and develop her skills. In 2001 decides to found her own design studio, formed by a team of creative people related through different fields of design. Her projects embrace both the commercial and private spheres. Striving for perfection, in 2003 she completed a Store Window Design degree in Madrid and then in 2004, an Interior Design degree in audiovisual production in Barcelona. Due to the volume of international orders, in 2010 the studio decides to be present in Barcelona and in 2013 in Girona as well. In 2014 Susanna Cots opens her first international office in Hong Kong. Her work has been recognized in publications nationally and internationally in over 30 nations and is present in some universities across the country. It has been definitively consolidated into the international scene through the recognition of prestigious awards: winner of the 2013 International IDEA Tops Awards in Shenzhen (China), finalist in the 2012 International IDEA Tops Awards (Shenzhen), finalist in the 2012 SBID International Design Awards (London), finalist in the 2011 SBID International Design Awards in (London), finalist in the 2010 Architecture and Interior Design Porcelanosa Awards (Spain), shortlisted in the 2009 International Contemporary Furniture Fair Awards (New York), finalist in the 2005 FAD Interior Awards in (Barcelona). After more than a decade accumulating experience, knowledge and sensations, Susanna Cots has a curriculum that allows her to talk about Emotional Interior Design and Slow Design in any format, from opinions in specialized publications to professional lectures. Currently dedicating part of her time to talks in multidisciplinary creative circles, she is also often a guest speaker at Design Trade Shows or Design Weeks and at national and international universities. Susanna Cots’ Studio is an honorary member of SBID The Society of British Interior Design and of the Colegio de Decoradores de Colombia. Susanna Cots is member of ADP Board of Directors -Professional Designers Association- and member of BCD Businesses Club -Barcelona Design Center-)

    Vivienda en Almuñecar 566

    Vivienda en Almuñecar

    Almuñécar / Spain / 2010