Suggestions for decorating a space in B&W

Look for a great contrast!

by Susanna Cots
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1-If you wish to decorate or redesign a room in black and whitecolours, aim for the balance among shapes, textures and atrezzo.

2- If the idea is to paint a wall black, I suggest using a white decapé bureau for a dramatic effect and to avoid the wall getting dirty, as black is a very delicate colour. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to use black walls in spaces where there are children (unless it is chalkboard paint).

Put a real plant on top of the bureau, preferably in green and white: orchids are a great option or also, one of spring’s loveliest flowers, a branch of almond blossom.

3- Another useful trick that adds personality to any space is hanging a collage of paintings, photographs and sketches framed in black in different shapes and thickness.

4- If you wish to achieve contrast in black and white spaces, I suggest combining other materials or colours such as metallic or the natural wood of your choice, in my case I prefer oak. Try not to use strong accent colours such as red or orange, as it will minimize both the aimed contrast and visual comfort.

5- When decorating a space in white, visualize it as a huge container and apply black touches. If you are aiming for a high contrast decoration always think in terms of balance. And remember that “less is more”.

More white images with black touches: Vivienda en Almuñecar

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    Vivienda en Almuñecar

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