Uruguay: Isay Weinfeld designs the Las Piedras Fasano Hotel

Isolated modules scattered like stones around an arid landscape

by Malcolm Clark
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Las Piedras Fasano is a hospitality complex designed by Isay Weinfeld in Punta del Este, in Uruguay.

The complex combines private houses, hotel bungalows and other services (spa, riding centre, golf course, polo fields and a 3 km long beach on the Arroyo Maldonado) strewn over 480 hectares of land dominated by arid and rocky landscape with sparse vegetation.

A detailed study of the project and of the client has led to the decision to opt for a structure made up of single units, designed and distributed as isolated modules, almost “landing naturally” on the ground like the rocks themselves. This solution is likely to prevent the construction of imposing buildings or volumes which may interfere excessively with the landscape.

All the other structures (20 bungalows, the spa, the swimming pool bar and the events room), following the same concept, have been scattered over the property like the stones themselves.

    Las Piedras Fasano 181

    Las Piedras Fasano

    Punta del Este / Uruguay / 2011