Oficina d'Arquitectura 'blends' its house into the mountain landscape

Overlying fairfaced concrete volumes follow the natural slope

by Malcolm Clark
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Oficina d'Arquitectura's Casa da ladeira was built in a mountain environment dominated by granite which is almost completely untouched by mankind. Fairfaced concrete goes with the natural slope and gives the impression that the building blends with the landscape.

The form and distribution of the house are in close relation with the functions: the living area is located upstairs and 'exploits' the panoramic views, the bedrooms, on the other hand are located downstairs in the more private area.

The volume looks out over all sides and each one creates a unique relationship with the surrounding environment. Large windows in the living area “take the inside outside” and the smaller ones in the bedrooms “capture small images of the trees outside”.

    Casa da ladeira 28

    Casa da ladeira

    Serra da Freita, Arouca / Portugal / 2011